Russ Harvey Consulting - Computer and Internet Services

Contacting Russ

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  • Phone: 250.592.6619 (my hours)
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Business Hours

I'm available afternoons 3 days a week:

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Monday, Wednesday & Friday
1:00–5:00 p.m. Pacific time.
Tuesday & Thursday by appointment only.
Closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays.

My Location

Victoria, British Columbia
(on Canada's west coast).


Call to book an appointment!

About My Services

I provide computer services everywhere via email and telephone.

See “Preparing for a Service Call” before calling to ensure the fastest service.

Onsite & In-shop Services

Onsite and in-shop services are offered ONLY in the Greater Victoria Area.

Onsite services are:

  • by appointment only; and
  • usually on Wednesday afternoons.

In-shop services can be other days, but please call ahead to arrange a drop-off or pickup time for unscheduled in-shop services.

Call to book an appointment!

Obtaining Help by Email

Email is the best way to work with clients, especially out-of-town clients, because it doesn't require us to synchronize our schedules.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to respond to everyone. Free help is at my discretion.

This is not a hobby. It is how I make my living. See my business hours and rates.

If you do choose to contact me, please include enough information to make a reasonable answer possible.

Guaranteeing a Response

To guarantee a response new distance clients please pre-purchase time before phoning or emailing me.

Once your pre-payment has been approved, I will contact you to make appropriate arrangements.

Reasonable Rates

I offer my services at a reasonable hourly rate or by contract.

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Updated: July 26, 2018