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Computer & Internet Security

Phone calls from a “technical support” person saying that you have a problem with your computer are all SCAMS. There are other varieties of scams, all designed to steal from you. Just hang up. More…

Security Basics

Staying Safe Online


I've moved the information on the Privacy page that helps you restore privacy into a new page (Restore Privacy) because the content was getting overwhelming to work with.

Securing Your System

Recovering Your System

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Microsoft Windows

Windows Basics

Current (Supported) Versions

Working with Legacy (Unsupported) Versions

Support has expired for these versions and they are unsafe to use.

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Other Operating Systems

The following pages on this site deal with alternatives to Windows:

Running Multiple Operating Systems (Advanced)

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Software & Hardware

General Concepts & Terminology

My Software Recommendations


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Internet Issues

The following pages on this site deal with issues of using the Internet and Internet software:

General Connection Issues

Email Issues

Web Browser Issues

The Internet at Risk

See Software & Hardware for downloads of Internet software.

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Website Design

The following pages on this site deal with website design:

Building a Website

Design Issues

Demonstrating the power of CSS

These are two identical pages except that CSS is disabled in the second example:

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Updated: June 10, 2017

FAQs & resources to resolve computer and software issues

Computer Cleanup

Take some time to clean up your computer:

About These Resources

This section of my site contains more than 50 pages, each containing documentation, troubleshooting hints, advice and suggestions supported by relevant external links.

Intended for Self-Help

The content is designed for you to help yourself and includes both introductory and advanced material.

I've often documented the steps I'd perform in providing professional services.

I Seldom Provide Free Help

I regret that I cannot provide free technical support.

  • I earn my living providing such services.
  • It takes time to research each individual solution.

I've created these pages to allow you to help yourself.

Contacting Me

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