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Link Guidelines

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Please read these guidelines completely before contacting me with a link suggestion. I seldom respond to such requests unless I require more information. Please do not send "reminders" or requests to contact the person responsible for links.

Linking to this Site

If you find a page on this site worth linking to, please do so.

  • You may NOT link to images or similar content. Your link must point to the page containing the information.
  • Most pages enable you to link into relevant sections within that page.

Content is Copyright

The information on this site, including the images and text are copyright.

That means that you require express written permission to use these resources anywhere else.

Many images on this site are owned by someone else and are used under license. You'll need to contact the owners for permission.

What is Copyright?

Many folks are confused about copyright and assume that anything posted on the Internet is in the public domain. That is a lie.

Copyright is ownership of material created by someone. Copyright is provided at the time of creation (no registration is required) and the creator is entitled to control that content.

If you're not sure what copyright is, I suggest you read Copyright — Who Owns the Content? It includes the best non-legal description of the concept of copyright I've seen. That section should answer any questions about what copyright covers.

Remember, many folks depend on copyright protection to earn their living and not all of them are mega-corporations with big budgets. Using copyright materials is like stealing from their paycheque. Don't steal online content.

That doesn't mean I agree with corporations that use copyright to stiffle competition so they can sell someone else's copyrighted content at a premium. In my opinion, that's a monopoly rather than copyright protection.

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Submitting Link Suggestions

This section of the site provides links to medical, renal and writing resources on three separate pages.

Each of these pages are intended to provide a resource that will help the specified audience learn more about the subject.

A Canadian Site

This site is a Canadian site aimed primarily to Canadian audiences. The inclusion of links will be based upon that demographic.

  • I use Canadian English (except for quoted text or titles). Expect to see “cheque” rather than “check” and “colour” rather than “color.”
  • Links that cater primarily to U.S. or European audiences are unlikely to be included unless the content is compelling for Canadian audiences.


The following are examples of sites that are unlikely to be included because they are not relevant to Canadian audiences:

  • While Canadians may attend a U.S. university, the vast majority are more likely to attend Canadian schools so a resource including only U.S. universities is unlikely to be included.
  • Canadian medical is different than in the U.S. including what medications and devices are approved.

Sponsored Sites

While sites sponsored by U.S. legal firms may provide timely and accurate information about dangerous medications or defective medical devices, the legal advice may not be accurate for Canadian patients and their families. These sites will not be included in future updates.

Link Suggestions Must Be Relevant

Link suggestions must be relevant to the page's subject content and intended audience if you want your suggestions to be considered. View the existing content on this site to determine if your suggested resource fits.

No Professional Services

I do NOT link to sites offering professional services of any kind (particularly those that compete with my services).

I do not link to sites sponsored by U.S. law firms, even if they are disguised as patient information sites. While the information may be useful, the intent is not, particularly for Canadian patients and their families.

SEO Submissions Unwelcome

A common SEO tactic is to search for complimentary sites then submit a request to include your link on their page. Rarely do such requests fit my site goals.

I suggest you try Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites as better resources for expanding awareness of your services.

Submitting a Link Suggestion

If you believe your page truly compliments information on this site and doesn't conflict with my services, please submit it for consideration.

I rarely respond to such requests. Wasting my time with a follow-up email is NOT appreciated.

Valid Submissions

Valid submissions can be submitted via email to with the following information:

  • Your name and email (or Victoria phone number).
  • The website address you are submitting.
  • A short description of your site.
  • Why you think it is relevant to my site.


The content of your submission must comply with the following requirements:

  • Your site must be relevant to this site's content.
  • Links must be relevant to Canadian viewers.
  • Links must not be time-sensitive (only static links are added).
  • Links will be added at my discretion and as time permits.
  • Descriptions may be edited for content and length.
  • Links may be removed without notice.
  • I do not entertain “link exchanges.”

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Site Policies

The information on this page is intended to explain how link suggestions are handled and are provided to assist you in understanding how link suggestions are handled.

Russ Harvey's Site is a subsection of the overall Russ Harvey Consulting site and they share a common set of site resources.

This page is not intended to replace the site policies as stated on the Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy pages. Where conflicts exist, the policies on those pages shall apply.

External Links

Resources external to this site will be treated differently than links pointing to resources elsewhere on the site. External links open in a new browser tab rather than moving visitors off this site.

There is more information about external links on the Conditions of Use page.

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Updated: June 11, 2018