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Russ Harvey has operated Russ Harvey Consulting (RHC) since 1996. He provides computer and Internet services in Victoria, British Columbia and elsewhere.

Russ clears the confusion and responds quickly when the required information is given to him.
Deborah Ranchuk, White Mountain Publications

Computer Services

Russ offers computer-related services like troubleshooting, maintenance, installations and help with software.

Purchase Assistance: Providing Good Value

In the landscape of technology, change is constant and it can be difficult to understand the differences between competing products.

Russ helps businesses and individuals get the best value and right fit when they purchase a computer or software.

A Complete Solution

Rather than simply providing a computer out of the box, he works to provide his clients with software and hardware solutions that improve their experience, secure their data and enhance their productivity.

Security in the “Cloud”

Securing your data is no longer restricted to the computer. As technology moves from the Internet into the “cloud” (think Facebook, Windows 10, smart phones, etc.) the risks are no longer within your direct control.

Computer Help Desk

Most large corporations and government have some sort of centralized help desk.

Now a computer help desk service is available to individuals and small businesses.

When you're having a problem with your computer or software, help is only a phone call away (or via email if that is more convenient).

  • Many issues can be quickly resolved over the phone.
  • Email help is available locally and at distance.
  • More complex issues may require onsite or in-shop service (available in Greater Victoria only).

Web Design

Russ has developed and maintained over 100 web sites and blogs since the early days of the Web. Most sites were created by hand for speed and flexibility.

The Web has evolved a great deal over that time and he's continued to invest in learning newer techniques and technologies that provide for a better experience for site visitors.

He can design an effective web presence or revise an existing site to modernize it and make it more accessible to mobile devices.


He can also customize blogs or provide alternative solutions.

Because he doesn't employ templates for his websites, they are more durable — even as design standards evolve and people change the way they use the Internet.

Professional Writer

Russ, a professional writer, offers writing and editing services including copyrighting for websites.

A Wide Range of Skills

Because Russ has been involved with technology since the early days of computers, he is familiar with a wide range of software and hardware.

Operating Systems

Russ's clients mostly run Microsoft Windows, but he has experience with many operating systems including Macintosh and Linux as well as older technologies like DOS and IBM OS/2 & eComStation.

He has worked with a broad range of software (both current and legacy) running on all of these operating systems.

Software Applications

Russ is familiar with many applications including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics programs, web browsers, email software, text editors, FTP, security software, utilities and more.

Connections to Other Professionals

Russ maintains a network of creative and technical professionals including computer vendors, hardware repair services, hosting companies, ISPs and other resources.

The combination of a wide range of skills and a network of associated experts means that he can provide a better solution for you.

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Updated: November 14, 2019