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Business Hours & Location

Business hours and rates.

Billing Practices

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Billing Rates

The following rates are effective January 15, 2011:

  • On-site services: $60.00 per hour, minimum 2 hours per call.
  • Telephone/email consultations: $45.00 per hour, minimum of a half-hour per incident.
  • In-shop services: $45.00 per hour, minimum 1 hour.

Standard rates are in effect during regular business hours. Billing time is rounded to the nearest half-hour unless the service is pre-contracted.

Additional fees may be assessed for emergencies and for on-site work or phone consultations outside regular hours.

In-shop service is recommended for system rebuilds, backup services and similar time-intensive projects.

Web Design & Editing Rates

Pricing is done differently for web design or writing and editing. The rates for those services depend upon the nature of the project.

Contracted Services

Regularly scheduled services like telephone support and website maintenance may be pre-contracted for a regular monthly or annual fee.

Contract clients get a price break and higher priority service.

Contact Russ to discuss this option.

Distance Services

Help desk services by phone or email are available everywhere.

Please Prepay

Unless other arrangements have been made, services provided to distance clients must be prepaid. See payment options.

How Charges are Calculated

In order to answer your questions properly, I may need to spend time preparing an answer, whether it is for email or telephone support:

  • Time is needed to be sure that the answers I provide are accurate.
  • This includes time to research and document solutions in language you can understand because I cannot assume skills I'm not certain you have mastered.
  • I bill in half-hour increments. See Billing Practices.

Email exchanges will be charged for the time to research your issue as well as the time spent in dealing with the correspondence.

Similarly, phone support clients may be charged for the time spend to research your specific issue in addition to the time spent on the phone with you.

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Payment Options

Local Clients

Payments for services provided to my local clients (within Greater Victoria) are expected by:

  1. cash (please do not mail cash);
  2. your personal or business cheque (payable to “Russ Harvey”);
  3. an INTERAC etransfer sent to ; or
  4. a Canadian dollar money order.

Distance Clients

Distance clients are clients living outside of Greater Victoria.

Payments from Established Distance Clients

Established distance clients with whom I've conducted regular business regularly in the past or have a secure business relationship can make arrangements to pay by:

  1. your personal or business cheque (payable to “Russ Harvey”);
  2. an INTERAC etransfer sent to ; or
  3. a Canadian dollar money order.

Payments from NEW Distance Clients

I cannot accept cheques from new or unapproved distance clients.

Please make arrangements to pre-pay by:

  1. an INTERAC etransfer sent to ; or
  2. a Canadian dollar money order.

The preferred payment method is an INTERAC etransfer.

PayPal is no longer supported as a payment option.

  • For email support, include the details of your request in the email.
  • For telephone support, email me your availability so we can schedule a time for you to contact me by phone.

Provide Sufficient Detailed Information

Ensure that sufficient relevant information is included to make a reasonable answer possible.

I may need to do some preliminary research prior to the actual telephone support.


Business Hours

Weekday afternoons 1:00–5:00.
Closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays.

I'll return client calls if I'm unavailable during regular business hours.

On-site/In-shop Services

Special protocols remain in place for on-site and other in-person services because prolonged close contact is unsafe for me.

By Appointment Only

On-site and in-shop services are by appointment only in Greater Victoria.

More about on-site/in-shop services.

Free Support Unavailable

I regret that I cannot provide free individualized technical support. It takes time to research solutions.

My Self-help Resources contains nearly 100 pages of hints and advice.

Support Resources


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Updated: January 28, 2023