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Custom web design and maintenance services

An Effective Online Presence

I design custom websites and blogs to provide you, your business or your organization with an effective on-line presence.

I use proven techniques to get your message across clearly and without distracting the viewer. The requirements of your site will drive the sort of content and layout that works best.

I am doing a huge inventory project requiring me to look at many websites for seniors and care givers. So many of them are poorly designed, unreadable and lack the basics.


I appreciate the quality of work you have done for PMAG and PharmaWatch.

Janet Currie, MSW, PhD Interdisciplinary Studies and Applied Science, School of Nursing (UBC)

Your Ideas, Values & Goals

I take your ideas and your values then shape them to accomplish the goals you've set for your website or blog.

  1. I ensure your message is accessible to the greatest number of people possible while retaining a professional image.
  2. I design sites to accepted current web standards so they are usable, easy to navigate, simple to maintain and as future-proof as possible.
  3. I work with you to use the Web to enhance your company image in coordination with your other publicity tools and projects.

First Impressions Critical

The first few seconds on your website may determine many people's entire impression about you, your company or organization.

We'll ensure that your site and other promotional material agree on why you're their best option.

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Design Services

These are just some of the web services offered:

  • Custom website design & maintenance.
  • Blog setup (whether an independent blog or one to compliment your website).
  • Connections to social media.
  • Site content & writing services.
  • Search engine registration/optimization (SEO).
  • Scanning & custom graphics.
  • Domain name searches & registration.
  • Hosting services setup & maintenance.

In addition, a network of artists, photographers and other creative professionals can assist you with marketing your ideas and products.

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Getting Started

Communication is key to working well together. Remember, the goal is to develop a site that works best for you using the technology that is most effective.

Russ clears the confusion and responds quickly when the required information is given to him.


His suggestions and implementation of the e-commerce portion of the CAA National website was outstanding.

Deborah Ranchuk
White Mountain Publications
& past Treasurer, CAA

We'll work together to produce the site that expresses your goals, delivers results, and stays within your budget.

This is a dialogue and each of us brings expertise to the conversation.

Before contacting me, read about:

Those pages should answer most of your questions, then

Request a quote!


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Updated: March 26, 2022