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Tel: 250.592.6619

Business Hours

Weekday afternoons 1:00–5:00
Closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays.

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Location: Victoria, B.C.,
Canada's west coast.

Contact Policies

Link requests must be relevant to my content.

  • Links are illustrative rather than exhaustive.
  • Some categories are ineligible.

No ads, “guest” posts or “sponsored” links.

  • Updates are infrequent.
  • I seldom respond.
  • My decisions are final.

I delete emails ignoring these policies.
Details are in my guidelines.


My Services

COVID-19 Notice

Special protocols remain in place for on-site and other in-person services because prolonged close contact is unsafe for me.

Call me to discuss possibilities.


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Updated: March 15, 2023