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About These OS/2 Resources

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This is a Legacy OS/2 Site

This section is a collection of OS/2 resource pages containing documentation, troubleshooting hints, advice and suggestions supported by relevant external links hosted by Russ Harvey.

Developed prior to the main Self-help Resources, this sub-site is hosted in a separate directory.

A Vibrant Site When OS/2 was Active

When this site was first launched, OS/2 was being rapidly developed and had a large user base. This site made a significant contribution to the overall OS/2 knowledge and was widely linked by authority sites at the time.

As significant resources were retired (including Frank McKenney's “Applying Service to OS/2 Warp” and John LeMay's “Installing AWE64 under OS/2”) I moved them here (with permission), continuing to make updates and changes to keep them relevant.

When this site was being developed, regular fixpaks and driver updates were being released by IBM for OS/2 Warp 3 and 4.

Most Resources No Longer Available

Unfortunately, many of the external resources that made this information so valuable have since been discontinued.

After free support for OS/2 Warp 4 ended on January 1, 2001, IBM removed many valuable resources including the IBM Device Driver Pak On-line (an updated listing of the drivers that came with OS/2 Warp) and more.

In fact, it is very hard to find anything related to OS/2 on IBM's site these days.

What remains of my OS/2 documentation is considered a legacy resource and is not actively maintained.

Current OS/2 Derivatives

I've added documentation of OS/2's derivatives (eCommStation and ArcaOS) for those wishing to continue to use OS/2 software.

Since I no longer actively run these operating systems (the most recent version was eCommStation version 1), I can no longer provide the insight to problems experienced by those using them.


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Updated: June 2, 2023