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FAQs & resources to resolve computer and software issues

Phone calls from a “technical support” person saying that you have a problem with your computer are all scams. Just hang up.
There are many varieties of scams, all designed to steal from you.

Health & Medical

Concepts & Terminology

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Security Basics, Strategy, Policies & Data inheritance

Passwords & Password Management

Scams, Spam, Phishing, Vishing & Identity Theft

The Internet at Risk

Protecting Your Privacy

Securing Your System

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Microsoft Windows

Windows basics | Current (supported) versions | Upgrading Windows | Legacy Windows

Windows Basics

Current (Supported) Versions

*Windows 11 has no official end of support. Each major release has its own “end of service” (24 months for consumers).

Upgrading Windows

Legacy (Unsupported) Windows

Support has expired for these versions and they are unsafe to use.

Note: Pre-XP information has been removed from the site.

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Other Operating Systems

The following pages on this site deal with alternatives to Windows:

Running Multiple Operating Systems (Advanced)

Running more than one operating system on a single computer:

Recovering Your System


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The Internet

Connection Issues

Staying Safe Online

Email Issues

Web Browser Issues

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Website Design

Building a Website

Design Issues

The power of CSS

These are two identical pages except that CSS is disabled in the second example:


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Thank you for 12-page Windows Basics article. Very useful to me, not too detailed, not too brief, "just right" — John

I regret that I cannot provide free individualized technical support. It takes time to research solutions.

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Updated: October 31, 2023