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Onsite Instruction

One-on-one Tutoring | Help with Applications

Onsite instruction (one-on-one tutoring)

One-on-one Tutoring

I offer onsite training using your computer and your software. Special learning requirements and topics can be accommodated.

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Onsite help is only available in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Learn the Basics

We can start with the basics: how your computer functions, how to obtain hints or help, how you change the way your desktop looks.

I try to teach you principles that will help you to figure things out on your own. Spending the time to master a few key concepts now will enable you to progress faster later.

Progress to Specific Tasks

Once you're comfortable with how your computer works and how you can make changes to your working environment, you'll want to move on to specific software and tasks that are important to you.

As you spend time on your computer, you'll begin to see how learning to do one task can often open the door to understanding other unrelated tasks.

Master Programs

Learn the specifics about a particular program or series of programs.

  • Office suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office, etc.)
  • Internet (email, web browsing, etc.)
  • Finance (accounting, record-keeping, etc.)
  • Graphics (photos, images, camera, etc.)
  • Specialized (database, HTML, etc.)
  • Utilities (computer cleanup, defragging, etc.)

I can also help you with proprietary software your business is using even if I'm unfamiliar with it by helping you to interpret instruction manuals or tutorials.

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Help with Applications


If you're frustrated with your computer, I can help.

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Insight to Accomplishing Tasks

We've all had moments when something difficult suddenly makes sense.

Most people need only to be shown some of the basics and a few time-saving tips before they can begin to master a new program or application.

Creative Solutions

Learning the basics of how your software and hardware work will help you to master future issues.

The next time you're faced with a new challenge, you'll have a framework in which you can work it out — giving you more confidence in you own abilities.
Updated: August 27, 2018