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Help & Repair Services

Professional help in choosing the right hardware and software.

Russ provides the following computer-related services:

See Preparing for a Service Call to ensure you cannot resolve the issue yourself and to have the information ready so that I can respond correctly to your questions.

Onsite and in-shop services are offered by appointment and are available only in Victoria, British Columbia (on Canada's west coast).

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Web Design Services

Custom web design and maintenance services

Russ provides the following web-related services:

Let me show you how I can provide you, your business or your organization with an effective online presence with customized websites, blogs and other tools.

Learn more about the design process and how I may differ from other designers in my approach:

I maintain a network of other professionals that can fill in the gaps where more detailed or specialized requirements exceed my own knowledge or abilities.

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Writing Services

Writing and editing services

Russ is a professional writer and with extensive experience with online content.

The following writing services are available:

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Connect with Russ:

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Engaging My Services

I offer these services at reasonable hourly rates or by contract.

Onsite and in-shop services are offered by appointment only in the Greater Victoria Area (Canada's west coast).


I'm available afternoons 3 days a week:

Tuesday & Thursday
1:00–5:00 p.m. Pacific time.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday by appointment only. Closed Saturdays, Sundays & holidays.
Note: my availability has changed

Outside Victoria

New clients: For support outside Victoria, please pre-purchase time. I appreciate your understanding.

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Preparing for a service call.

Free Support Unavailable

I regret that I cannot provide free technical support. It takes time to research each individual solution.

Check My Resources Pages

Browse through my free on-line resources. You will find plenty of information to help yourself on more than 50 pages of hints, advice and relevant links.
Updated: November 14, 2019