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These projects are but a few of the more than 100 sites and blogs I've designed, revised and maintained since 1994.

All load quickly — even for site visitors without fast connections.

I am doing a huge inventory project requiring me to look at many websites for seniors and care givers. So many of them are poorly designed, unreadable and lack the basics.


I appreciate the quality of work you have done for PMAG and PharmaWatch.

Janet Currie, MSW, PhD Interdisciplinary Studies and Applied Science, School of Nursing (UBC)

Writers & Artists

I built sites for many writers and artists over the last 25 years. I continue to maintain a writing links resource that was originally part of a Canadian Authors Association local branch site.

Myrtle Rae Forberg Siebert, the author of several books, writes non-fiction, mostly based upon her family history.
This site is responsive to mobile.


The Original Artwork of Steve Kergin and Lee (Lowther) Kergin includes a gallery of representative works. Art direction and design was provided by Steve Kergin.
This is a legacy site built before the emergence of mobile.


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I built a number of businesses websites over the years.

Have a commercial project? Let's discuss your objectives.

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Non-Profit Organizations

I built a significant number of non-profit sites and have served on many non-profit boards. This gives me insight into their special requirements.

Psychiatric Medication Awareness Group provides information about the potential risks of psychiatric drugs as well as recovery options including links to relevant resources and news items.
This site was rebuilt to be responsive to mobile.


Benzodiazepine/Sleeping Pill Addiction, Tapering & Recovery is a custom blog designed without the overhead of WordPress or templates.
This blog was to be responsive to mobile.


YFC Victoria is a Christian outreach organization with programs for youth at risk in Southern Vancouver Island.
• I developed this local site using the national organization's WordPress template.


Looking for a new website or blog?

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Responsive Design

Responsive design works regardless of the screen size it is viewed on.

The site's content is dynamically modified to fit the visitor's device.

Newer Sites Responsive

My recent and recently-revised sites all use responsive design. Some are designed as mobile-first; the others adapt to mobile.

Mobile Now Dominant

Mobile now dominates the Web and Google penalizes sites that aren't mobile-friendly during mobile searches.

Searches performed using desktops, laptops and tablets are not affected.

Mobile users turned out to be quite like users in the desktop context, in terms of wanting full functionality.


What's more, they were put off when met with unfamiliar designs and structures.

Planning Required

Responsive design requires some thought because not all content adapts well to smaller screen sizes.

Many sites have moved to massive images and minimal content (sometimes called “modern design”) but this layout may not work for information-rich sites.

Best Practices

Good design practices ensure easy maintenance and adaptability to changing technologies.

Maximize your investment with engaging sites that are user-friendly and will adapt well to changing conditions.

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Updated: May 25, 2023