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How I price my web design projects

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Want to get started or discuss your ideas and requirements?

I'm assuming that you've read through the other pages and are familiar with my philosophy and approach to design.

Before we jump to providing a quote, let's consider what you need to include in your quote request.

What Are Your Goals?

If you haven't finalized your goals for your site or blog, that is sort of like going to a car lot and saying, “how much does a car cost?”

Obviously, pricing is going to be affected by what vehicle you choose and its options.

You'd be pretty unhappy with a two-seater car if you need to transport your family.

Big or Small?

In the same manner, you'll need to decide if you need an information site or if you need other options like e-commerce capability or a blog.

Do you engage in social media? How would you tie that back to your site? To your blog?

While we can expand your site later, it is far easier and less expensive to plan for that now.

Where Does It Fit In?

Consider how you would have a Google search land potential site visitors. Would the site or a blog be a better fit?

While no one can guarantee a placement in a search, there are things we can do to improve listings for key words and placement.

Remember, you're not the only one that wants to be in the “top ten” so choose where you want to stand out.

Early Changes Easier

While it is easier to change something early in the design process than when the site is nearer to completion, change generally add to the price quoted.

We're Engaging in a Dialogue

Remember, this is a dialogue. We want to develop something that incorporates your requirements, remains within your budget and uses the appropriate technology to will make it available to your target audience.

Finalizing Criteria

Do you have web-ready graphics like your logo, photos, brochures or other materials?

If I need to purchase or create those items, that affects the pricing.

Without some certainty about the content you want on your site it is difficult to finalize any design.

What You Provide

Content can include the following:

  • logos and similar proprietary images to identify your company or organization;
  • text content like product/services descriptions and details about your company (or yourself) in a format suitable for copying into the site content; and
  • images, photos, PDFs, infographics, videos and other linked or embedded content.

I'll need all the text, images and video content before work can begin on the site. The nature of the content can affect how the site is designed.

Suitable Formats

All content you provide needs to be in a format that is either suitable for use on the website or that can be easily converted.

Microsoft Word format works well for text content (please don't embed images or other content). LibreOffice can generate .DOCX format documents as well.

Images need to be of professional quality in suitable formats and at least the size that will be displayed on the site. Preferably these are the original unedited full-size images.

Copyright Issues

I will not be able to use material for which you don't own the copyright or for which you have not acquired the legal right to use.

I'll need you to confirm copyright ownership in writing or provide copies of any contracts that allow you to use copyrighted materials on your site.

  • The Internet is a very public place and that makes it easy for lawyers and others to search for content used without permission.
  • Neither of us wants to have to deal with those unpleasant issues.

Content Requiring Creation, Editing or Modification

If any of the content you provide needs to be modified or created for you, that information should be included in your request for a quote and will affect the pricing.

Where you require logos or advanced graphics work done, I can refer you to qualified professionals.

In most cases you'll be billed separately.

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Not Sure What You Want?

If you're not sure what you want, it will be difficult to provide a quote.

See factors affecting price and determining your needs for help.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

You can start by making a list of the things that you want your site to accomplish. You'll then want to determine what materials you need to provide or obtain based upon the list of items in the section above.

What Should It Look Like?

Next, you'll want to have an idea of how you want the site to look.

Try to get the design you're looking for clearer in your mind.

Consider other sites have you have visited that you like (and what you liked or didn't like about them). It may be a single element or a concept that appeals to you:

  • What is the colour scheme? Is it soft or hard? Is it complimentary to what your site is about? The CSS color chart can help you define common colour names.
  • How is the navigation through the site accomplished? Would it work for your site?
  • Are you being wooed by the content or the technology?
  • Have you viewed the site in a variety of browsers? (Hint: your site will likely have visitors using different browsers on multiple operating systems and hardware including mobile devices.)
  • Are the images effective? What could you provide for your site that is similar or more appropriate?

Check Out Your Competitors

You'll also want to have a look at your competition's sites because your customers or clients will be checking them out.

Focus on Strengths

We'll want to advertise your company's strengths and address any weaknesses during the design process.

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Other Expert Resources

I maintain working relationships with graphic designers, photographers and other professionals.

They have skill-sets that extend my abilities in order to serve your needs.

Whether it is a logo, a photo catalogue of your store or merchandise or something else I can find someone that can produce results for you.

Once you have firmed up your requirements I can prepare a quote for this added service.

These other pages discuss the various aspects of designing a site:

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Updated: March 30, 2021